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Elu keeb / Busy place
11 April 2015

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Polaarrebane / Arctic fox
5 September 2014

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Astmeline / Stepped
29 May 2014

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Nägemus / A dream
2 May 2014

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Udune värk / Foggy
24 March 2012

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Sügis / Autumn
12 October 2010

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Failed / Untsus
4 October 2010

Recent Comments

Darkelf Photography on Külaline / A Guest
Very creative photo with interesting contrast between motion and stillness. Great perspective.

omid on Külaline / A Guest
Wonderful shot !!!!!!!!!!

Steve Rice on Külaline / A Guest
Beautiful street shot.

Devi on Külaline / A Guest
Nice portrait with rushing vehicles and blurred people !

Aminus3 Discover on Pidustused / Celebration
Thanks for contributing your story to Aminus3 Discover. It has been posted here

Existence Artistique on Külaline / A Guest

Steve Rice on Pidustused / Celebration

Darkelf Photography on Pidustused / Celebration
Excellent fireworks shot. Happy birthday to your town :-)

Devi on Pidustused / Celebration
Congrats and wishes !! A spectacular shot ! Bravo !!!!!

Existence Artistique on Pidustused / Celebration
bon travail

Darkelf Photography on Tuttpütt / Great crested grebe
Well spotted and focus through the branches.

Steve Rice on Tuttpütt / Great crested grebe
Oh, this is excellent!

Devi on Tuttpütt / Great crested grebe
wow you caught him!

Existence Artistique on Tuttpütt / Great crested grebe
c'est une intéressante recherche

Ana Lúcia on Tuttpütt / Great crested grebe
Adorable capture!

Darkelf Photography on Vihitaja / Common sandpiper
Fantastic! Superb focus.

Steve Rice on Vihitaja / Common sandpiper
A beautiful image! Great light and lovely bird.

Devi on Vihitaja / Common sandpiper
Great image with the reflection too !

Ana Lúcia on Vihitaja / Common sandpiper

Existence Artistique on Vihitaja / Common sandpiper

Darkelf Photography on Kiirus / Need for speed
Fantastic action.

Existence Artistique on Kiirus / Need for speed
bien ce mouvement

Steve Rice on Kiirus / Need for speed
Ha, this is cool!

omid on Kiirus / Need for speed
very nice shot! A M A Z I N G !!!!

Dimitrios on Kiirus / Need for speed
love it

Devi on Kiirus / Need for speed
Can sense the speed here ! Great shot :)))

rbassin on Kiirus / Need for speed
il y a de bons effets.

Darkelf Photography on Kobras / European beaver
Well spotted!

Steve Rice on Kobras / European beaver

Devi on Kobras / European beaver
amazing ! Till I saw the title I thought it was a stump of wood!!!

Darkelf Photography on Öövahid / Night Watch
Wonderful silhouettes.

Steve Rice on Öövahid / Night Watch
Fantastic light and silhouettes.

omid on Öövahid / Night Watch
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely silhouettes!

Devi on Öövahid / Night Watch
wow....a fabulous image lovely sky...light and silhouettes :)

Anna Cherer on Öövahid / Night Watch
Beautiful silhouettes !

Existence Artistique on Palav päev / Hot day
intéressant résultat

Darkelf Photography on Palav päev / Hot day
Superb summer landscape. The dandelions looks gorgeous and the little bunch of blue flowers (lupines?) stands out ...

Steve Rice on Palav päev / Hot day
The dandelions love it there.

Devi on Palav päev / Hot day
Ah !! A cool cool view for the eyes!!!!

Existence Artistique on Osmussaare tuletorn / Osmussaare Lighthouse
belle composition

Anne on Palav päev / Hot day
Très joli paysage.

Darkelf Photography on Osmussaare tuletorn / Osmussaare Lighthouse
Fine composition with the stone stacks providing great balance against the lighthouse in the background.

B. Thomas on Osmussaare tuletorn / Osmussaare Lighthouse
Lovely scene.

Steve Rice on Osmussaare tuletorn / Osmussaare Lighthouse
A beautiful shot of the lighthouse. I enjoy the cairns showing the way as if you couldn't find the tall tower.

Devi on Osmussaare tuletorn / Osmussaare Lighthouse
how beautiful... I love these little rocks placed one on the other too!!

Existence Artistique on Palliplats / Basketball ground
belle lumière

Steve Rice on Palliplats / Basketball ground
Must be determined players around here. ;-)

Devi on Palliplats / Basketball ground
Beautiful light up there ? Is that white sand or snow ?

Existence Artistique on Kirikuteel / Road to the church
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

Steve Rice on Kirikuteel / Road to the church
A cool shot of the church and the cows going to church.

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