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Elu keeb / Busy place
11 April 2015

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Polaarrebane / Arctic fox
5 September 2014

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Astmeline / Stepped
29 May 2014

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Nägemus / A dream
2 May 2014

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Udune värk / Foggy
24 March 2012

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Sügis / Autumn
12 October 2010

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Failed / Untsus
4 October 2010

Recent Comments

Devi on Sinitihane / Blue tit
Beautiful image.................

Existence Artistique on Sinitihane / Blue tit

Darkelf Photography on Kivilinn / Stone City
Fantastic landscape, full of great tones and detail.

omid on Kivilinn / Stone City
such beautiful composition, colors & textures! Amazing view.

Steve Rice on Kivilinn / Stone City
Such a rugged, beautiful place. My kind of scenery. ;-)

Existence Artistique on Kivilinn / Stone City

Darkelf Photography on Järve ääres / By the lake
Wonderful light.

Harry on Järve ääres / By the lake

Steve Rice on Järve ääres / By the lake
A beautiful sunset at the lake.

Existence Artistique on Järve ääres / By the lake

Anne on Järve ääres / By the lake
So beautiful !

Steve Rice on Tore päev / Beautiful day
A pretty day indeed.

Existence Artistique on Tore päev / Beautiful day

Darkelf Photography on Kevadine / Spring mood
Love the tones and mood of this photo.

Steve Rice on Õhtuvalgus / Evening light
Lovely warm light.

Steve Rice on Kevadine / Spring mood
Lovely blue and black image.

Le Krop on Kevadine / Spring mood
Joli !!!!! *****

Existence Artistique on Kevadine / Spring mood
superbe avec ce bleu

Darkelf Photography on Õhtuvalgus / Evening light
Your focus is always spot on!

Existence Artistique on Õhtuvalgus / Evening light
bien perché et intéressant fond bleu

Eye for Beauty on Õhtuvalgus / Evening light
nice composition

Steve Rice on Sirutus / Stretch

Existence Artistique on Sirutus / Stretch

Olivier P on Sirutus / Stretch
Great catch ! Love this shot ! well done !

Darkelf Photography on Õhtu järvel / Evening on the lake
Love the tonal contrast around the swan and it looks beautiful as well.

Ana Lúcia on Õhtu järvel / Evening on the lake
The light is excellent! Gorgeous.

Steve Rice on Õhtu järvel / Evening on the lake
A beautiful swan and golden light.

Existence Artistique on Õhtu järvel / Evening on the lake
superbe cette recherche

Eye for Beauty on Õhtu järvel / Evening on the lake
beautiful light and shadows

omid on Õhtu järvel / Evening on the lake
L O V E L Y ! L O V E L Y !

Darkelf Photography on Lendutõus / Take-off
Excellent shutter speed and focus.

Steve Rice on Lendutõus / Take-off
Superb capture of the action and light.

Existence Artistique on Lendutõus / Take-off
belles ailes

AMIR BABA on Lendutõus / Take-off

omid on Lendutõus / Take-off
very nice shot! L O V E L Y !!!!

Darkelf Photography on Saabuvad / Arriving
Beautiful photo.

Steve Rice on Saabuvad / Arriving
A gorgeous sunset image.

Existence Artistique on Saabuvad / Arriving
oh excellent

Anne on Saabuvad / Arriving

Chetan on Saabuvad / Arriving
Beautiful frame. The golden light is amazing.

Darkelf Photography on Sõtkas / Goldeneye
Excellent focus on the golden eye that just pops to catch attention here.

Steve Rice on Sõtkas / Goldeneye
A beautiful capture.

omid on Sõtkas / Goldeneye
L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!

Dimitrios on Sõtkas / Goldeneye

Existence Artistique on Sõtkas / Goldeneye

Steve Rice on Sinitihane / Blue tit
A gorgeous capture of the sweet little bird.

Darkelf Photography on Sinitihane / Blue tit

omid on Sinitihane / Blue tit
such beautiful composition, focus, colors & lights! Lovely bird.

Existence Artistique on Sinitihane / Blue tit

Anna Cherer on Sinitihane / Blue tit
So cute ! excellent focus and dof !

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